Saturday, January 30, 2010


"Why was I born with black hair?" I remember her asking me the first time she became my client. "I'm a BLOND!!!" and this she was!

It takes a certain type of person to be able to pull off blond hair. Blond requires spunk,finesse,glamor,strength,personality,innocence and a sense of being a DIVA. If someone does not possess one or more of these qualities I would consider being a Brunette!! Not saying that Brunettes do not share some of these traits, they do;But i will get into that later.

"Platinum, make me Platinum blond!" she shouted.
Her personality really did deserve to have blond hair, better yet Platinum. I noticed other clients staring in her direction as she told stories with enthusiasm and no shame. She acted like she was the only star in the room, no one else there but me and her.Her mind only had room for me, herself and her hair. I really have to say that God made a mistake, she should of been Snow white blond.

I began the process of completely lightening all of her hair with on the scalp crystal lightener. No foils involved. I was going for it! I had bleached my hair out one time and I know the pain can be excruciating.I could only wonder the thoughts crossing her mind. The Transformation began....

She sat in my chair,beautiful as ever. Her body was covered in tattoos and piercings, her shirt half open, sweat pants barely covering her booty and a tan to die for. She was beautiful in the most wrongest ways. She looked in the mirror. she saw herself with a shower cap filled with lightener and strangers glaring at her through her reflection..... My eyes froze, she saw what I saw..... People judging her with their eyes, looking at her like Julia Roberts in pretty woman on RODEO DRIVE BABY.

"I hate Fat, Ugly,Stupid Bitches." she said loudly. "People are always worried that I'm going to still their man, Maybe if they were not so fat and took care of themselves their husbands would want to screw them."
My heart dropped, my eyes widen, and anxiety got the best of me. "Yea... lets go put you under the dryer." I said as I smiled walking her over to the dryer area. Her butt crack became more purposely visible so the audience could have more to stare at.

Becoming a Platinum Blond requires some work. The hair closest to the scalp has to be the same color as the rest of the blond. the proper toner needs to be applied to give that soft, shiny white glow. When you notice the hair getting lighter, keep going because it is not done.

Her hair was done, her beauty enhanced. She was Snow white blond! All she needed were the seven dwarfs to cater to her lavish needs. We looked in the mirror together and I saw the strength of her misjudgments, the finesse of her beauty and the her Divaness was enhanced. It takes a certain person to be a Platinum blond. Sometimes genetics are not in your favor, Sometimes God plays cute hair jokes but always, always, ALWAYS Certain People are born to be Blond.
She gave me a hug, tipped me huge and taught me that even the villains have beautiful hearts.The Platinum Blond beauty played with her hair as she walked passed her audience and winked. " Maybe I will see your husbands tonight!" Crack still showing as she left the salon.
Next time I will have to put Baby in the Corner.

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