Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Golden Blond

She sat in my chair and looked in the mirror admiring her beauty or so I thought. She was really picking herself apart. The Golden Blond did not see what she had once seen in herself. Her beauty was fading from her eyes, yet the world just saw... The Golden blond.
Golden Blond is a color that not many people care for when choosing that perfect Blond color. It is too warm for many, yet it is the most natural looking color blond around. This color add shine and dimension giving the average woman unparalleled appeal.
She appeared soft serene on the outside yet torn apart on the inside. The Golden Blond created a facade of beauty that only others saw. She looked in the mirror and spoke "I'm ready, I'm ready to let some of my gray show."
Foiling her hair with Golden blond, Lightener and leaving some of her natural gray would give her the look of a blond that is aging gracefully and gradually.
The Golden Blond would lay in bed wishing life was over! She lost her true love, her life and the sense of who she was. Her husband served in Vietnam and died in a helicopter accident. He was her world..... Her world was gone. The only thing she could do to identify who she once was, was to maintain her GOLDEN BLOND. That was what her husband loved, saw and smelled each night before kissing her lips goodnight. He was her protector, He loved her like no other and held her safe in his arms. Living a world without him was something seven years could not take away. How do you let go? How do you live a life, you feel not worth living? How do you breath air if you could not share it with the one you loved? These questions were the questions she asked herself repeatedly when she looked in the mirror.
Her hair processed for 30 minutes under the dryer when I saw something I had never seen. Her Golden blond hair was gone... It was covered in foils and at that moment the beauty was gone. The pain revealed itself and I saw what she saw in herself. I saw loneliness, misunderstanding and fear exuding through her eyes. She was alone in a world of so many.
Her hair was done and styled in a soft tousled look giving her youthfulness around her face and softening her harsh lines that appeared from her suffering. Her mask was back on and beauty reappeared.
She looked in the mirror, smiled half heartily and saw that young girl married to that young guy FOREVER IN Love. She saw him touch her face, kiss her lips..... and smell her GOLDEN BLOND hair.....


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  1. awwww.. that was so touching... you are really talented!! Keep it up Vito!!!! love ya!!!!!