Thursday, January 27, 2011

SCariest MOment.

But the weirdest things is he came in to see me Yesterday with this pretty interesting story and I thought I'd share it with everyone.

"Randy tell me what happened" I asked
"well...." he said " its the craziest, yet scariest thing i've ever been through" as he smirked.
He told me he was chatting online one night,I guess he was really bored or something, maybe looking for some action. Well this one person he was talking to starting sounding really interesting. Randy said they chatted for about an hour online.

Randy asked his new found friend various questions about what he looked like, his age, location, YOu know the general questions you ask when your getting to know someone. Finally he typed whats your name...
"Stephen, and i'm 23 Black male 6'3 190 tall slender nice build very attractive.."
Randy started getting intersted, very nice description he thought to himself.
"Maybe we should talk on the phone, what do u think?" Randy typed
"Sure " Stephan replied
They exchanged numbers and talked on the phone for another hour, by this time Randy told me it was almost 12 or so.
"You want to come over" stephan said " we can have a great time tonite"
Randy was alittle scared but curious at the same time... MAybe this one is the one! he thought.
"Uhm sure why not" he replied

Stephan gave randy directions and Randy was on his way to supposedly have the greatest night ever...

As he approached the house the all the lights outside were off, I guess Stephan lived in a Trailer and the porch was enclosed and extended a couple of feet in the yard. It was kinda creepy he told me but it was too late for him to turn back. He called Stephan to let him know he was there and headed inside... Stephan told him the door would be open just to walk in.

So randy did......

The INside of the house was very dark with Huge plants all around the house strategically placed in corners to block people in. The one lamp that was in the corner was on Dim and the couches were old, Maybe even from Good will, NOw nothing against Goodwill .. ok shoppers. A chirp came from the back ground which made randy look to see it what it was, it was a Parrot...

He wondered if it talked .

Right beside the Parrot Cage was an empty cage as if a hamster or Rat lived in it... OR died in it... All these thoughts ran through his head as he waited for the Hot guy to emerge.. Where was he ? he kept wondering.

Out of the Kitchen, A Shadow formed, Tall? Yes, Dark? Yes, 190 ...... UHM definetly not... Randy began to freak but not showing it, only on the inside...
"Hey " Stephen said , "Have a seat"

A Gorilla walked into the living room, well it could of been one but it was only Stephan... Wow randy thought the description was way off... why lie?, Theres a big difference between 190 and 500 lbs he imagined..
"hey" Randy smiled, " I love your house, You like plants dont you?" giggling on the inside.. His heart was pounding, fear was racing, and his imagination was getting the best of him. How do I get myself out of here, without him sensing i'm scared? he kept thinking.

"So your really hot" stephan replied as he sat on the couch on the opposite side of Randy.
The couch sunk in and formed to his butt... it was as if the couch knew exactly where to go not to piss him off.
"So what happened to the animal that lived in that cage?" Trying to make the situation alittle less awkward.

"Hungry, Hungry, Hungry" THe parrot recieted over and over .... Whats going on Randy thought, Was the parrot hungry or was Stephan Hungry and the parrot was telling me what really happened to the Hamster? He imagined the monster devouring the missing hamster, or maybe it was A rat, it would take more than a hamster to make him full. WHo knows?
"So you want to go to the room?" Stephan asked breathing deeply as he tried to get off of the couch.
"Sure do" randy said as he stood up. " you have a condomn" Randy knew he didn't have one because they talked about it on the phone and Randy was suppose to pick one up on the way. " I forgot to get one on the way."

"NO i dont have one" He replied... "But do we really need one?"
"OF course, I dont do nothing without one, I think i might have one in my wallet, its in my glove compartment" as he patted his pockets.

"Sure go get one"

"They are extra large too!!" Randy said very expressively and excitedly. "I'll be right back, get ready ok."

Randy opened the door and headed to his car, He opened the door and sat down in the drivers seat and started looking in his glove compartment. ....
As soon as the Stephan shut the door and stopped watching , Randy put his key in the ignition started laughing and pulled out as fast as he could and drove off... He laughed the whole way home ...
It was the scariest yet funniest thing he had ever been through, HOw could someone just lie about something like that. He said " I mean if you know you look like a gorrilla , lie and say you look like a baby one, but dont say your 190 when your 500 thats alittle to much" he grinned.
Randy laughed as he told me this story, I think he also told me that he almost slipped and called Him AMY. but was glad that he didn't caus that would of really triggered Stephen and made him try to eat him.... LITERALLY....
thanks for the story randy
Amy is the name of the Gorilla in CONGO>>>>


  1. LOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLoud.... :) randy is an idiot.. :) xo

  2. OMG that is too funny!!! see this is why I don't think is safe to be meeting people off the internet or over the phone, what is that guy was some rapist or murderer? you know as ugly and fat as he is he may have to take it by force from his victims and them kill them to not get caught! lol I know I watch to many crazy shows about criminals, but its true.