Monday, January 24, 2011

Are they Homeless or are We HeartLESS!!

Well Time does heal all wounds I should say....

Life is about choices, Each choice we make brings a different outcome and if you aren't ready for the life altering events that are to follow then be more cautious of the decisions we make.

I remeber driving, hearing this CD that I hadn't listened to for like a year or so, and for the first time I heard the word to this song I really liked. I mean this was the first time I really listened to what the song was saying, NOt what I was making the song to be.

It impacted me in such a way that i changed my perpection on people and their life story. Each person has a story, a mystery that ONly they know.

WHen you see a HOmeless person standing on the street with their eyes wide open, their hands withered holding a sign, Dirt plied up on thier face and sadness in their eyes. what is our first reaction? They just want the money for booze or something to that affect, But what if they are really homeless and that was there only option, or better yet, what if that person was getting food for their family? What was it like to be THem, to walk in their shoes , to mourn the memories that tore their mind to pieces. Would I give a day to walk their life? Probally not. SHould I consider it? yes.

I know one question that I should consider is what are the possiblities that could of altered their life, and how would I handle that same situation. Well the song talked about thoses issues that I had never thought about. I think I would give a day to just Experience how that life would be , just to change my perception on LIFE..... Their LIFE , their WORLD as they know it. We all owe it these people, because we don't fully know their story , we only know the story we give them ANd that isn't fair. WEll its so funny how one little song can change you as person. It doesnt mean that I'm changed or would give them my last dollar but Next time, I tell you this, I will CONSIDER it....


  1. I'm not sure how I feel about the homeless people you see on the street. Because we had hobos in the back of our store and we saw what they did it makes me not want to give them anything, but you can't help but wonder when you see them in the streets if they really do need help or are they just being bums? Its sad to see a person in that state, I wish I could do something for those that really need it.

  2. I have passed many homeless in my days. I never think the worst of them at first, I have tried to really see their situation for what it is. I don't usually give them money but I have gone out of my way to buy them food. I have had some take the food with a huge smile on their face and say "Thank you, God bless you" and I have had some throw it back at me and say "I DON'T WANT THIS SHIT". Makes you think, but no matter their reaction, I still look at them as people not that I'm better then them in any way. Especially now a days. It could be me, my family or someone I know and I would like to think that someone would go out of their way for me or them as well.

  3. Thanks for the responses LOVED THEM...

  4. i always feel sorry for all homless people when im driving. And before having kids.. i did give them food.. and SOMETIMES money.. but it bothers me when they come to my window.. or up to me in person (especially when my kids are there)and get close. OR when they make up a looong story..about what happen to them (i mean i guess it might be true) its just anoying.. because im a charity case myself.. and i dont ask people for money.. aaand on top of that... after feeling sorry for them i get a little angry at them and the government.. because we live in the USA... land of opprotunity... why is it hard to get help.. and why is it hard to ask for help? stereotype is always going to be there with homless people... Just be nice and say no... oor avoid them like i do! :/

  5. To take your words and twist them tighter, let me give you my univited philosophy: I have concluded that whenever I find myself contemplating the Homeless ~ it is for the very reason you spotlight. I happen to really 'see' them when I Am feeling a bit "heartless". Heart-less.
    In the prime times of anyone's life ~ My advice is to leave strangers, charities and causes for those who have given up on those nearest - and dearest to them - for whatever reason. There are too many of us who feel useless, shunned, lost, orphaned, or merely neglected. This is when you find yourself "heartless" ~ and when you desire to reach out for the heart of a stranger it is your duty to do so. But only after you have extended all that you are to your family, friends, neighbors. It is your duty to further those closest to you which then produces a fellow community of good and productive work called the "domino effect". If everyone would follow this rule, there would be no homeless, no pitiful, no lonely. If you have family ~ neighbors to take care of ~ then take care of your own! If you do not, only then, take care of the Homeless. Do not neglect Your Own People. Because if you do ~ You may have Egotistical reasons. Think about these things.


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