Friday, January 28, 2011

Angels and Demons... A must READ

Perception is Reality!!

You look at me as if I can do no wrong. You see what you want to see, but is that me? I guess in your eyes it is.

I listen to your stories, I hear everything you tell me with attentive ears. I feel your pain when your sad, I extend my arms to you when you cry. I am everything you need that sometimes you portray me as your angel. An angel that has fallen from the heavens to soften your pain, heal your wounds, feel your agony, and to tell you that everything will be ok.

You describe me to other as an angelic being. Someone that is soft to the touch, that loves unconditionally, that genuinely cares for everyone. Sweet and serene, Silent yet Golden. Fragile yet Strong. Everything that that Perfection could be, you say its ME..

But do you really know me?

Did you know that I like to Fucking curse in every other sentence!
Did you know that I randomly flick off fucking slow drivers!!
Did you know that I Like Taking shits When I'm on the fucking phone!
Did you Know That I am fucking annoyed by half the population!!

NO! YOu didn't Fucking know any of this because You didn't ask.
You didn't hear what I had to say, I only fucking listened.
I smiled and Listened attentively to your fucking stories, Your Fucking Sobs, and your Fucking Bitching!!!

What about Listening to me for a Fucking Change..... You might realize that I am just like everyone else!

Reality is truly what we perceive it to be!! We all have a ANgel and Demon in us, it is what we allow others to see that they label us as!!!

Your perception is your Fucking reality, NOT MINE.... LOL


  1. ooohh, some cute little demon must have lost all his DvR-ed betime stories...
    Awwww! we're listening! To any good Angel in our lives... Isn't that why "us" secret confidantes tell you behind some barrier? of an empty room, a dark corner, the partition of a salon booth? Maybe it is you who just won't tell ANY of "us" in person... maybe your barrier is YOU?
    I pee when I am on the phone....

  2. we got some anger built up inside, don't we? lol I guess you got tired of listening to all our stories and maybe we didn't listen to yours...

  3. I will listen to you!! Just not while you are on the phone taking a dump, lol!!


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