Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I just finished read Beautiful Demons and I would have to say I really enjoyed it. I wasn't expecting to like it that much but was wrong. It is suspensful and keep you constantly wondering what is going on in Peachville. Harper, who is the lead character is sent to a boarding house after getting kicked out of her foster home once again. It is here where she learns that the new school she is in isn't want it appears to be. You start off wondering if she's just clumsy (Like Bella in Twilight) or if it has something to do with her power that she is unaware of. The Cheerleaders at her new school are the most popular like in most high schools. The head cheerleader has a problem with her and then is found dead later. It's a really compelling story that ends with a fasnicating twist. Can't wait to read the next part in the Beautiful Demon series. I give it 4 stars. !!

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